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I have had the pleasure of being involved in many varied ceremonies that celebrate love, commitment, renewed love, the welcoming of a child and the passing of a loved one. Each ceremony has special meaning and adds value to the way we live our lives and connect with those we love.

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Special Days of love, family & friendship


In Australia you can be married in a beautiful, personal and legal marriage ceremony of your choice.
It’s all about finding the right celebrant for you.
Once appointed, I take responsibility for the legal paperwork, assist to prepare a ceremony of your choice, advise you on all requirements and conduct the ceremony in accordance with the law and your instructions.
I give you copies of choices and examples to guide and assist in the preparation of a personalised ceremony.

  • Living in Sydney
    The best way forward is to arrange a meeting to discuss my services and so I can answer any of your queries.
    I meet all my couples at my home/office in Paddington.
    If you are happy at the meeting to proceed we can begin the legal process.
  • Living interstate or overseas
    Many of my clients live interstate or are residing overseas, I marry many international couples.
    The process is made very easy through email contact and Registered Post (for the documents).
    Or we can arrange to speak to each other on the phone if you email your number.

Commitment Ceremonies

With the ritual and warmth as in a marriage ceremony you can declare the love you have for one another before your family and friends and affirm publicly your special relationship.
Sometimes a commitment ceremony is chosen when the legal formalities have taken place and a couple wishes later to celebrate and rejoice in their union before family and friends.
Also until the marriage law changes and brings marriage equality to all, many same sex couples choose to honour their love with a commitment ceremony.

Renewal of Vows

Many couples choose to renew their vows with a special celebration; a declaration of their continued love and commitment, an acknowledgement of a love that has grown and ties that have strengthened . Circumstances perhaps changed but feelings still heartfelt, a time to reflect on and affirm a loving partnership. A time to rejoice.
There is no set time, it’s just best when the feeling is right – many ceremonies are held to coincide with anniversaries, sometimes after a “rocky” patch and sometimes as an occasion to share a wonderful moment with family (children & grandchildren). I recently conducted a ceremony for a couple, married two years and a year after their first child was born – just the three of us –
a very touching and personal ceremony that reaffirmed their vows and their vision for the life they wished for as family together.

Naming Days

This is a ceremony I offer to couples I have previously married to welcome their child into their family circle. The arrival of a child brings much happiness and a Naming Day gives an opportunity to honour a new life, acknowledge Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, siblings and friends. It’s a time when Godparents (mentors) can be appointed. For me personally, my involvement is a wonderful way to reconnect with couples as we plan together a ceremony to celebrate their new family.

Memorial Services

With the passing of a loved one it is so important to gather together and mourn together, to grieve while celebrating your loved one’s life.
My services are personal and professional. I offer guidance in preparing a ceremony that honours the family and those who have died.